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Dear PH Customers and Visitors:

If all goes according to plan, sometime during the month of February, PH will be introducing a new web site. Same website address but a different look.

Key features of the new site will include:

  • Instant processing of your credit card through a secure interface.
  • Using an individual "account" format instead of the passcodes.
Both of these upgrades will ease the ordering process. No longer will you have to wait for an email with your passcode. Once the system authorizes your payment (within seconds) you can access the ON LINE products.

In order to quicken the transition, I ask that you take 1 minute and click on the link below and set up your new account with some basic name, address, email and cell phone info.

This step is especially important for those CURRENTLY ACCESSING ON LINE FILES FOR ANY OF THE WINTER MEETS OR SIRE RATINGS ON LINE. At the appropriate time you will access those reports using your new account log in and password.

Thanks for your understanding and, by all means call or email us with any questions.

All the best,

Jim Mazur

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Woodbine Entertainment Group has graciously extended their offer to allow a FREE download of the 2015 editions of The Woodbine Handicapper and Woodbine Blue Chip Trainer Angles 2015. PlusWoodbine Daily Sheets will also be available for FREE. That is a $400 value. 2015 editions are expected to be uploaded shortly.

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Great Times at the 5th Annual PH Breeders' Cup Bash at Mohegan Sun Casino

More than 40 players attended our BC Bash at the Mohegan Sun. Host Jim Mazur presented an in-depth seminar for each of the two days. In addition, Mazur ran a daily handicapping contest and put together "wagering cartels" for selected Pick 5s and Pick 4s. Our wagering cartels hit the Friday Pick 4 for $12k but were ALIVE with will pays ranging up to $95k. On Saturday in the early Pick 4 we need the Euro fave to get home in the FM Turf to cash for close to $9k but ran 2nd. See you next year!


FRIDAY: Top Bankroll winner was Jim Mazur (Yup, won his own tourney!).
Most # of winners was Vincent Ditrano.

SATURDAY: Top Bankroll winner and Most # of Winners was Stu Fineberg.

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